Architect: Peter Barber Architects
Sub-Contractor/Installer: Neilcott Construction, L&R Brickwork Construction Ltd.
Project name: Woodmore Mews
Project address: Charlton Church Lane, London
Product supplied: Belgravia Gault Blend, Forterra PLC

Woodmore Mews is a development of 37 affordable homes designed by Peter Barber Architects in support of the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s commitment to provide high quality and sustainable housing to its community. The scheme includes 29 houses, 7 flats and 1 maisonette in terraced form, which alternate between 2 and 3 storey buildings for a visually cohesive and ‘village’ type site.

Alfiam Building Supplies were pleased to supply the Forterra Ecostock Belgravia Gault Blend to the site, where the brick was specified due to its lower cost yet sustainable and high-quality credentials. The brick perfectly offers cream and earthy toned variation, which integrates the homes into their surroundings in a comfortable and sympathetic way to its surroundings.

All those involved were thrilled that the project won the Architect’s Choice award at the recent Brick Development Association (BDA) Awards. The development was commended by the judges for being a ‘masterclass of working the humble brick- with such finesse and artistry!’


Staff at Alfiam Building Supplies worked with manufacturer, Forterra to specially craft the brick back in 2014, when Forterra’s new Eco factory was just starting. The Ecostock brick boasts lower energy use in manufacture, as well as lower waste production and water consumption. The Belgravia Gault blend took inspiration from the Victorian Gault Buff bricks of West London for a project which ultimately did not get completed. However, the blend was deemed successful and was added to the project range before being selected as the perfect choice for Woodmore Mews.

‘We were asked by Neilcott to come up with an alternative brick preferably from the UK. We visited the proposed site to view the area. Considering the type of brick the architect/client wanted to use and the bricks in the surrounding area, The Belgravia Gault was a perfect fit […] We supplied over half a million bricks to site, plus the cut and stuck angles, half batts and the stunning brick arches and bulleyes’ Tim Murphy, Managing Director.


The clever use of the brick across the site creates subtle variation and architectural interest which the judges of the BDA awards noted was ‘sculptural, whimsical, bold and well-articulated’. Some of the homes feature a semi-private, entrance archway which allows for the residents to store items such as wellies, umbrellas and plants, further adding the opportunity for individuality at each home to come through.

The wavey roofs uniquely define this project with soldier courses running along the roof line. The homes are open plan inside creating airy and light spaces, where there is also access to a sun trap roof terrace. Angled windows further add visual interest with soldier and header courses also contributing to the ‘whimsical’ feel of the site. The windows alternate in shape, size and position throughout the mews for a relaxed and rustic architectural approach. Projecting bricks surround pop-up windows and snapped headers were used to create tightly curved external walls.

The project was an extremely effective use of the Ecostock Belgravia Gault Blend, which produced a site of affordable homes that far from lack in character and visual interest.