Hardie® Panel
A2 fire-rated performance that’s affordable.

If you’re looking for a high performance, A2 fire-rated façade cladding at an affordable price – Hardie Panel is the right choice for your next residential, commercial or recladding project.

Whatever look you choose, you know you’re getting the strength and durability your clients deserve – making it a smart and cost effective solution for any project.

A2 Fire-rated

Hardie® Panel can be used as a direct replacement for existing cladding on a range of buildings. The non-combustible A2-s1-d0 rated panel can be trusted for protection against fire and extreme weathering for many years to come, whilst providing the strength, durability and style that your clients deserve. Cladding your project with Hardie Panel is a way to not only ensure project safety and compliance but is also great way to revitalise and modernise buildings.

Unlimited colour flexibility.

Hardie® Panel is available in a smooth texture and a variety of colours.
5 colours are available as standard, but we also offer custom colours to make your project unique. To give you a bigger flexibility with your projects, we offer to produce any colour you want within the RAL colour system!

Long lasting quality

Hardie Panel is formulated to give you a long-lasting, low maintenance
and consistent finish for years to come with a warranty of 10 years.


Hardie® Panel Brochure 2021

Hardie® Panel Installation Guide

10 Year Warranty for Hardie® Panel UK 010921