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The durable, low maintenance fibre cement exterior cladding. For facades that last longer.

James Hardie fibre cement is impact, fire, insect and weather resistant. The superior characteristics of our fibre cement products make them the preferred, low maintenance choice of professional builders, homeowners and architects.

If you’re looking for a versatile, low maintenance weatherboard with a natural and beautiful texture, look no further than the James Hardie, HardiePlank® fibre cement cladding. The James Hardie cladding, is the facade of choice for builders and homeowners alike. Made from strong materials to protect and beautify millions of homes.

Stylish & strong fibre cement cladding

Made from advanced material fibre cement, HardiePlank® cladding is an engineered cellulose-fibre and cement composite that offers the ultimate in fire, moisture, rot and pest resistance. The unique properties of HardiePlank® cladding offers major advantages over conventional cladding materials, providing ease of installation, design flexibility and enhanced durability.

Made to last

With advanced seventh generation technology we’ve created the most durable HardiePlank® cladding ever made. The HardiePlank® fibre cement cladding material, has enhanced properties for unmatched durability. Our additives are chemically bonded to provide lasting resistance to rain, hail, wind, fire, rot and pests.

Alfiam Building Supplies are one of the largest distributors of James Hardie products in the South East. All the products are carefully stored in our warehouse to ensure they are kept in perfect condition.

James Hardie VL Plank

The brand new interlocking board is available now.

Available Cladding Colours

Our exterior James Hardie branded, HardiePlank® fibre cement cladding is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, to suit you and your home.

Arctic White

Timeless, snowy neutral with calming, cool grey undertones.

Light Mist

Softly sophisticated, this pale lilachued grey evokes classic lines of Kentish beachfront homes.

Sail Cloth

Soft hues of undyed linen infused with subtle pearly warmth.

Anthracite Grey

A bold modern grey intensified by blue undertones, perfect for creating strongly defined lines.

Grey Slate

A deep warm grey reminiscent of polished antique silver.

Midnight Black

Sleek and velvet dark, a bold modern classic to create maximum impact.

Boothbay Blue

Gorgeous grey-based blue inspired by enduring seascape shades.

Chestnut Brown

Charismatic pigmented brown with deep notes of silky chestnut and beautifully aged leather.

Cobble Stone

Contemporary dove-grey neutral with golden undertones.

Iron Grey

Strong statement slate inspired by London’s ornate wrought ironwork.

Khaki Brown

Elements of soft natural timber meld with gentle, grey-green hues.

Monterey Taupe

Subtle neutral undertones of oyster and seashell converge for a shade of timeless Oxfordshire stone.

Pearl Grey

Elegant white-toned neutral inspired from the softest colours in nature, sand and beach-strewn seashells.

Rich Espresso

This classic dark shades subtle brown pigments infuse warmth into a clean grey base.

Evening Blue

Muted gunmetal blue comes alive next to a creamy neutral.

Timber Bark

Intriguingly dark for powerful definition yet imbued with a natural woody softness.

Traditional Red

Warm russet and maple tones bring depth to this autumnal red.

Woodland Cream

Luscious milky pastel inspired by delicate springtime petals.

Heathered Moss

Warm and compelling, a softly greying green to evoke Highlands country life.

Mountain Sage

Moody grey-green infused with muted silver hues to catch the light.

Soft Green

Engaging pastel green shot through with tones of greying skies.

The James Hardie colour visualiser

With the facade configurator, you can now easily test the cladding with HardiePlank® boards on a house and get a first impression of the look and feel of James Hardie facade cladding.

Click to experiment with colours on many different housing types.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 3600 x 180 x 8 mm

Overlap: 30 mm

Weight: 7.4 kg per plank

Fire rating: A2

Warranty: 15 years

James Hardie – HardiePlank® Cladding FAQs

Yes! We have all 21 UK colours in stock. We also have a selection of smooth boards, HardiePanel® and HardieBacker® available.

We sell specialist tools designed to cut HardiePlank® products quickly and effectively.

Hardie Guillotine – Cutting fast and accurately every time, with no breaking, chipping or sawing dust.

Hardie Blades – The diamond tipped edges reduce dust and prevent faster blade wear. Available in 160mm, 190mm, 254mm, 305 mm

You can use impulse or pneumatic nail guns as well as nailing by hand. Nails should be placed 20-25mm down from the top edge of each plank and driven into the batten with the heads flush with the surface of the plank.

HardiePlanks should always be stored indoors in a shed or other storage facility. Storing the planks outdoors in areas with heavy rainfall can cause damage to the planks.

If you have no other place to store the planks but outside, make sure to cover the planks using a waterproof tarp.

The large format, robust, multi-use fibre cement cladding board that’s made to last.

The easy to install fibre cement tile backer board famous for its strength and water resistance.

Technical Information

HardiePlank® Family Brochure

HardiePlank® BBA Certificate

HardiePlank® Installation Guide

HardiePlank® Design Look Book

HardiePlank® Product Data Sheet

HardiePlank® Fire Resistance Report

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